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An approach to moving image art unlike any other

Become a director, cinematographer, screenwriter, video game designer, animator, visual studies theorist, film historian, experimental artist, or movie producer.



We offer

  • training in a wide array of cutting-edge digital media techniques

  • a rigorous foundation in film theory, aesthetics, and history

  • classes that prepare you for the demands of leadership, teamwork, and business.

Choose from the B.A. in Media Arts and the B.F.A. in IFDM (Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media).

Media Arts

Media Arts students make movies. Simultaneously, they study the work of great filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Buñuel, and Maya Deren. They examine significant cinematic movements—the French New Wave, film noir, German Expressionism—and consider important genres like science fiction, horror, and comedy.
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Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media (IFDM) majors acquire skills in moviemaking, gaming, animation, visual effects, design, multimedia, and business. A model of interdisciplinary education, the IFDM curriculum is structured to serve a variety of needs.
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“Education in the arts will continue to have a vital, necessary role into the twenty-first century. Study in the Fine Arts—in the area of studio practice, as well as history and criticism—is an essential undertaking in preparing students to meet the increasingly complex challenges that are before us. In the area of media study (in studio practice as well as critical studies), students can practice teamwork and attain practice in problem-solving that will apply to a wide variety of creative enterprises and employment opportunities. They will also attain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural currents that have informed the ways they use media, as spectators and as creators of moving image and sound works. Attaining these literacies are vitally important today, and will be essential in the long-term.”

-Professor Nina Fonoroff, Cinematic Arts, UNM

Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948 / dir. by Max Ophuls / 87 minutes) Sunday, January 21, 7:00 pm / CERIA 365 Enter through the front door of CERIA, near the elevator. Based on a novella by Stefan Zweig (the Austrian novelist who inspired Wes Anderson’s...

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Fall 2015 Directed by Annie Jaynes Produced by Lauren Hutchison IFDM 205L Activating Digital Space Faculty: Adam Turner All students must be admitted to the University, whether as an incoming freshman, transfer student, or non-degree...

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