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department of
cinematic / sini'matik / adj.
arts noun, pl.

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the department of cinematic arts

1.  Of or pertaining to the former Department of Media Arts in the College of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico <~ engages cineastes, videographers, theorists, cinephiles, filmmakers, cinegoers, historians, philosophers, editors, screenwriters, cinematographers, cinematizers, sound designers, critics, and other collaborators.

Cinematic.  1883 Athenæum 3 Mar. 281/3 Kinematics, or, as it used to be called, cinematics, the name, having been translated from the French cinématique, is the geometry of motion

1.  Of or pertaining to the cinematograph; suitable for cinematography; suggestive of the technique, dialogue, etc., of the cinema.

2.  Made and presented as a film
<~ fantasies> suitable for films or the making of films <~ principles and techniques>

Art.  1573 G. HARVEY Common-pl. Bk. (1884) 87 Nature herself is changeable. and arte, after a sorte her ape, conformith herself to the like mutabilitye

1.  Skill acquired by experience, study, or observation <the~of making friends> <the ~ of imagination>

The Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd ed., 1989, OED Online, Oxford University Press, 30 Jan. 2008. <http://dictionary.oed.com>


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