Our mission is to provide a hands-on experience of the cinematic.

We are dedicated to the study and practice of film and video as art.

You will develop the necessary critical, creative, and technical skills to succeed as a moviemaker, screenwriter, video game designer, visual studies theorist, film historian, or experimental arts practitioner.

We offer the BA in Media Arts, the BFA in IFDM (Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media), and the Arts Management minor. Media Arts students make movies. Simultaneously, they study the work of great filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Buñuel, and Maya Deren. They examine significant cinematic movements—the French New Wave, film noir, German Expressionism—and consider important genres as science fiction, horror, and comedy. IFDM majors acquire skills in moviemaking, gaming, animation, visual effects, design, multimedia, and business. A model of interdisciplinary education, the IFDM curriculum is structured to serve a variety of needs.

While pursuing their degrees, Media Arts and IFDM students acquire valuable “real world” experiences. Our Arts Management minor equips you to navigate the business of art and the entrepreneurial aspects of image making. You may intern with businesses integral to the New Mexico film industry, and collaborate with our community partners such as Albuquerque Studios and Basement Films.


If you are interested in how our trademark artisan mode of studio practice and critical thinking mesh with training that has grads already in New Mexico’s film industry, or are curious about the confluence of cinematic arts worlds informed from immersive spaces (like aquariums) to contemplative spaces (sacred sites) please check out our Academic Review Reports. This report was submitted May 5, 2009.

Department of Cinematic Arts Academic Program Review (340 pgs)

External Review Report (14 pgs)