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The BFA in Film and Digital Arts (formerly the BFA in IFDM)

You will focus on moviemaking, acquiring the technical and artistic skills to succeed on the set. Our emphasis on screenwriting, cinematography, producing, and directing prepares you to lead and influence the creative process.

The BFA culminates in a yearlong capstone project in which students, working in teams, take a leading role in the creation of an original movie.

The BA in Film and Digital Arts (formerly the BA in Media Arts)

Our BA allows three possible concentrations: Film Production; Gaming and Animation; or Film History and Criticism.

Film Production

The concentration in Film Production requires the same core classes as the BFA, but allows you to take more classes outside the major. So, if you have a strong interest in another artistic field—such as music, acting, photography, or electronic arts—there is enough flexibility in this concentration to pursue those passions.

Gaming and Animation

This concentration, created in consultation with UNM alumni employed at the world’s most prestigious gaming and special effects studios, offers the broad range of skills that tech companies are looking for. Working across the disciplines, you will be trained in essential software and computer programming, while taking classes in drawing, screenwriting, business practices, and video production. Acquiring a wide-ranging knowledge of aesthetics, narrative, and the digital media landscape, you will become the versatile and collaborative artist that tech companies want to hire. You will choose to specialize in either gaming or animation

The concentration culminates in a yearlong capstone project in which students, working in groups, take a leading role in the creation of an original game or animated movie.

Film History and Criticism

You will study the work of great filmmakers and examine the most significant moments in cinema history. Alfred Hitchcock, the French New Wave, film comedy, science fiction, the horror film, and German Expressionism are just a few of the fascinating topics you can explore.

This concentration offers a broad foundation in visual art and culture, emphasizing cinema’s aesthetic achievements and cultural contexts. Although you are not required to make movies, you may take up to 15 credit hours in production courses.


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