The purpose of this database is to provide gallery-style reference to break down professional art (films, graphic design, paintings, photography and video games) by concepts they all share so that students at UNM can have a clearer path to recreate art at a professional level. If you’re studying to be a cinematographer, going outside of your field to learn concepts from graphic design and painting will straighten your understanding of eye direction and lighting. Don’t be afraid to venture out because it’s all related. This database is not a stand-alone solution to elevating your art; this is meant to be paired with constant, year-round practice in both your studio classes and free time (you should learn as much self-teaching in the Summer and Winter as you do in the Fall and Spring). This site only shows solutions and concepts, but knowing a concept is more than be able to recognize it, you must be able to reproduce it in your own work. Practice. Practice. Practice. Keep practicing.