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The Film and Digital Arts has access to valuable film resources available through the University of New Mexico library and the web.  Visit the online UNM Film Library page to find articles and databases, books, DVDs, Videos, and Streaming Media, scripts, and other web resources to aid your research and studies while pursuing your degree.

 Mark Emmons is the subject librarian for film and the liaison to the Film and Digital Arts.  You can schedule an appointment with Mr. Emmons or send him an email.

Faculty Film Library


The department has a holding of over 6,000 titles in DVD / BluRay along with archived titles in VHS and 16MM. Please note: this library is for departmental use only, meaning only faculty within the Film and Digital Arts may check out titles. Any requests for exception must be approved by the Department.

Trying to find a copy of film not available otherwise? Please reference the Fine Arts + Design Library. FADL can work with university faculty, staff and students on acquiring media.
Film Library holdings: By Director or By Title.


Gus Blaisdell Memorial Library


When Film and Digital Arts moved into the CERIA building in 2005, one room was left for Gus Blaisdell to remind readers of his energy for books, learning, and knowledge. It has genres ranging from Latin American Studies, Film Theory, Marilyn Monroe and Vampires. We gladly consider donations.

This reading room is located in the CERIA Building, Room 356. If you would like to stop by, please contact the main office prior to arriving.

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