Julie Mowrey, chosen as the department’s Senior Prize Winner, was also awarded the overall College of Fine Arts Senior Prize, the McRae Award. Well done, Julie!
From Julie’s application: “During my time as an undergraduate at UNM, I have created relationships that have helped me become more involved with the community through art. My artwork is focused on sharing the stories of real people that starts a conversation regarding social issues. Currently, I am working with two non-profit organizations in hopes to jumpstart community engagement that relate to real world social issues. The first organization, Street Safe, is an organization here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The organization works with women who sell sex on the street. The goal of this project is to strike a conversation within the community and to shift the current stigma of women who sell sex. … This spring semester, I also began working with Ryan Crawford, an intern at the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. While working there, he started working on his non-profit, #ArtsNotViolence. #ArtsNotViolence is focused on helping people who are normally unable to explore the realm of artistic expression. Their overall goal is to reduce the rates of incarceration, and to also help people who are currently in prison help express themselves through art rather than through violence. … For two years, I have been engaged with the youth community of Albuquerque by teaching film related workshops to the senior classes at Amy Biehl high school. Every year the senior class has a final project in which they are to engage with their community and create change. …  Everything I have been involved with outside of class is a result of the relationships I have made during my time at UNM. Through the shared language of art, I have discovered my voice and I have dedicated myself to working with social issues to help create change within the community I live in. … As I head out of my final semester of undergraduate school at UNM, I am excited to use every bit of experience as an advantage to the many people who are competing in the industry of filmmaking. I expect to succeed in my future career path, no matter the difficult path ahead of me. During my four years, I have focused in documentary and cultural studies where I have dedicated much of my time learning about the world around me. Through these studies I have discovered my drive as well as the passion that I will continue to have with the people I work with and the stories that they share with me.”
Kel Cruz was awarded the Michael Costello Memorial Award for Service.
Kel Cruz came from the Bay Area to attend the University of New Mexico in the Fall of 2013. It was here that Cruz fell in love with filmmaking and the community of artists at UNM. In the Summer of 2014, with the goal to give student filmmakers a platform to show their work and to raise the standard of creative competitiveness and collaboration between student filmmakers on campus, Cruz led the re-branding of the University film festival and co-founded the Cherry Reel Film Festival in 2015 with the help of the Southwest Film Center. For the past three years, The Cherry Reel Film Festival has awarded the winner of each annual festival with a camera, courtesy of Canon USA, to help students pursue their filmmaking goals. Cruz was the festival chair in 2015 and 2016. In the Spring of 2016, Cruz created an immersive projection installation for Arts Unexpected and the following year for Arts Unexpected Cruz organized UNM’s first ever drive-in movie event showcasing the best films from the 2015 and 2016 Cherry Reel Film Festival. In 2017, Cruz was a member of the ASUNM Joint-Council representing the College of Fine Arts and was a member of the UNM Diversity Committee. Cruz plans to use his experience at UNM to bring artists together in the next phase of his creative journey. As a parting message Cruz would like to share these words with his fellow students, faculty, and professors in the College of Fine Arts, “You’ve inspired me more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you to each and every one of you.”
Caine Deegan received the Gus Blaisdell Memorial Prize in Critical and Creative Writing.
While studying film history, theory, and criticism as a Cinematic Arts student, Caine has been recognized by our faculty for outstanding critical work. Starting off as an amateur filmmaker in high school, Caine Deegan found a passion for Sound Mixing and Editing during his studies at The University of New Mexico. Caine helped with the production of several different IFDM 310 and Capstone projects as a location sound mixer, ADR mixer, foley artist, and a post-production sound editor (Vanish 2017, Bingo 2018, Child of God 2018, Carry On 2018, Unknown Outlaw 2018). Outside of studying, Caine works full time as a Video Producer at UNM Athletics under the LoboTV department. In his free time, he works as an independent production sound mixer for several different clientele locally in New Mexico. Caine plans to pursue a career in Production Sound Mixing and Post-Production Sound Editing outside of New Mexico.
Cinematic Arts Spring 2018 Student Showcase

Cinematic Arts Spring 2018 Student Showcase

Please join us for the Cinematic Arts Department End-of-Semester Student Showcase, featuring student work completed in IFDM and Media Arts classes during the Spring 2018 semester. The Student Showcase will be held on Monday, May 7, 2018 at the Mesa del Sol...

Creator of MacGyver TV Series, Lee Zlotoff, Lecture

Creator of MacGyver TV Series, Lee Zlotoff, Lecture

Producer and screenwriter Lee Zlotoff, creator of the original MacGyver TV series and executive producer of the MacGyver reboot, presents “Three and a Half Secrets to Success in Hollywood.” Friday, April 20, 3:00pm ARTSLab, 131 Pine St NE (near University...

Thief   (1981 / dir. by Michael Mann / 126 minutes)   Sunday, April 1, 7:00 pm / CERIA 365   Enter through the front door of CERIA, near the elevator.   Michael Mann’s big screen debut bridges, per critic Keith Uhlich, the “grit” and “gloss” of crime films...

Cinematic Arts Sunday Night Movie

Cinematic Arts Sunday Night Movie

Since his 1996 debut The Day a Pig Fell into the Well, Hong Sang-soo has made 25 films, most of them variations on romantic relationships between men and women who rarely know what it is they want, either from their own lives or from one another.

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