Disasters of Peace – Prelude Workshop

Friday, April 21
12:30pm to 2:00pm
CERIA Room 365

Artist filmmakers Sam Jury and Kamila Kuc, curators of Disasters of Peace, will outline the overarching idea behind the program, and introduce this event’s two guests workshop facilitators: writer Sarah
Goldstein and curator Steven L Bridges. As a prelude to the Disasters of Peace screening, Goldstein and Bridges, respectively will invite attendees to explore with them (in a discussion based workshop)
alternative perspectives and context beyond the filmmakers’ frame.

Where are you coming from? Sarah Goldstein
Responding to the themes of crisis and disaster explored in the program, writer and poet Sarah Goldstein will read a short excerpt from a work in progress, tentatively titled Correspondent Project, which draws from an expanse of material ranging from private archival correspondences to current-day online content.

Where Are You Going? Steven L Bridges
Curator Steven L. Bridges (Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University) will explore shifts in creative production in the context of the current political landscape. Critical to his talk is an analysis of representation as both a political and artistic paradigm. What role do cultural producers play in re-presenting the worlds we live in, and the worlds we hope to create?


Co-sponsored by the New Mexico Humanities Council, UNM Cinematic Arts Department, Coventry University, and University of Hertfordshire.

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