Adriana Ramírez de Arellano

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Adriana Ramírez de Arellano, J.D., Ph.D. is a legal anthropologist, specializing in the field of Forensic Ethnology, with a research focus on the litigation of sex crimes and torture, analyzing first-hand and in-depth the intersection of rhetoric, technology, architecture, and power.

She has taught courses on Feminist Jurisprudence for the Departments of Anthropology and Political Science at UNM since 2004, where now as full-time faculty in the Women Studies Program, she continues to teach on this and other related topics at upper-level and post-graduate level courses as well as the senior seminar on Ethics in Science and Technology for the Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Program.

Her IFDM Ethics Course examines historical practices of caging, torturing, and exhibiting racial, ethnic, and gendered Others, in order to reveal the particular formula in which power and knowledge were tragically articulated in the West, as well as parallel examples of artists’ subversive re-appropriation of these as a means to de-code, expose, and un-do these practices.


  • IFDM400 Ethics, Science & Technology

Dr. Adriana Ramírez de Arellano
Affiliated Faculty, Women’s Studies
J.D., Ph.D., University of New Mexico
HUM 456

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