Angela Beauchamp

Department Administrator

Angie is our department administrator and teaches one course per semester. She holds an M.A. in Film Theory and Gender Studies from Skidmore College after previous graduate work in a Ph.D. program focusing on women and land tenure in Liberia, West Africa. Angie is on the Board of Directors of La Sala de Galisteo and recently inaugurated a classic film program there, giving two public lectures on Ace in the Hole (1951) and Sunset Boulevard (1950). She was the online educational content manager for cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC (Need for Speed, Terminator Salvation) from 2012 to 2016. Recent publications include an essay on the slavesploitation film Drum (1976) in The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films (2018) and on producer Sherry Lansing in Hollywood Heroines: The Most Influential Women in Film History (December 2018). Angie received a PAWS (People Appreciate Wonderful Staff) Award from the UNM Staff Council in 2015.


  • MA 326 Film History I
  • MA 330/430 Film Noir
  • MA 330/430 New Mexican Film Noir
  • MA 330/430 Post-Apocalyptic Cinema
  • MA 336/436 Images of (Wo)men

Angela Beauchamp
Department Administrator
M.A., Skidmore College

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