Peter Lisignoli



Peter Lisignoli is a working filmmaker, photographer, musician, and educator. Having graduated from the inaugural MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University, Peter returned to his native New Mexico to teach film studies and production. He collaborates regularly with Albuquerque’s film collective Basement Films, making experimental works using found footage and hand-processing techniques. His interests include experimental documentary, the essay film, “city symphonies,” and gardening.


  • MA210 Intro to Film Studies
  • MA212 Beyond Hollywood
  • MA216 Intro to Moving Image Art
  • MA326/327 Film History
  • MA391 16mm Production
  • MA429 Cinematography
  • IFDM 105 Inter/New Media
  • IFDM 210 Digital Animation Process: Modeling and Post-production
  • IFDM 491 Digital Documentary Production

Peter Lisignoli
Visiting Lecturer
M.F.A., Duke University

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