Stephanie Becker



Dr. Stephanie Becker, who earned her doctorate from UNM’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese while serving as a Cinematic Arts TA, unites research and writing in Mexican/US Latino Studies. Her studies include comparative analysis of gender construction and performance in Chicano film and literature. A presentation on femicide in Juárez, juxtaposing Lourdes Portillo’s Señorita Extraviada and Gregory Nava’s Bordertown, is in the works.


MA210 Introduction to Film
MA330/430 Cinema of Pedro Almodovar
MA310/410 Latin American Film
MA330/430 Cinema of David Lynch
MA330/430 Cinema of the Coen Brothers
MA336/436 Images of (Wo)men

Dr. Stephanie Becker
Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., University of New Mexico

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