Assimilated is a small, isometric side-scrolling game developed by the IFDM Program; Cohort 8; Team: “Turner Hates Cats”; Spring 2017. Currently, this game is only a simple demo that was made as a class project over the span of a semester. We wish to continue developing this in the future to create a much more refined, fleshed out game we hope you will enjoy.

You play as a small girl who must traverse a robot-infested city to find her kidnapped mother. You have to avoid the evil robot invaders, lest you be one of the humans they take to assimilate into their own kind. Along the way you come across T-T1M, a ‘half-baked’ cynical robot who retains a bit of his human personality. With his human empathy still intact he decides to guide you to BR-1AN, the evil mastermind behind the robot invasion. BR-1AN is the one who holds your mother hostage.

You must make your way into the city at night, and as a little girl you have an unfortunate fear of the dark. You must hide behind obstacles to avoid the marching robot sentries while balancing your tolerance of the darkness. If your fear meter gets too low, you will have to find comfort under streetlights before moving forward.

Download the game for MAC or PC here.

Created in IFDM 310 Writing Digital Narrative, Spring 2017

Adrienne Neef – Director/ Art Department
Christopher Rees – Producer/ Art Department / Sound Effects
Allyson Goodman – Lead Programmer / Art Department / Sound Effects/ Ultimate Badass
Rachel Kieltyka – Story / Art Department / Animator
Nicole Anderson – Art Director / Art Department / Animator
Elena Martinez – Lead Environment DG Artist
Reece Akana – Music

Instructor: Adam Turner

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