Barking All Night

Expanding Video

Friday, April 21
9:00am to 11:30am
CERIA Room 365

Cuban curators María de Lourdes Marino Fernandez and Yainet Rodriguez Rodriguez will conduct a
discussion-based workshop studying issues raised in their formal presentations and curated film

BARKING ALL NIGHT: María de Lourdes Marino Fernandez
(Screens Friday, April 21st, 6:15pm at the Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE)
This program represents the diverse landscape that is Cuban video art. The works are a cross-section of young video makers whose playful purposelessness is an aesthetic they embrace. Most of this work was shot in hazardous conditions, and for that reason the quality of the images cannot be measured in gigabytes or HD. Some of these video makers are self taught and some graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA) or the International Cinema School (EICTV). Although all artists identify as Cuban, some still live in the country and some have left. Additionally, one can notice a different tenor in the work created by artists living in Havana as opposed to others living elsewhere on the island.

Maria de Lourdes Marino Fernandez: Independent Cuban Curator of Visual Arts since 2010 working at independent exhibitions which link Cuban history, contemporary art, and architecture.

EXPANDING VIDEO: Yainet Rodriguez Rodriguez
(Screens Thursday, April 20th, 8:00pm at 516 Arts, 516 Central Ave SW)
The works in this program explore formal and conceptual breakthroughs confronting borders, crossing disciplines, and breaking certain expectations related to the interpretation of reality and forms of perception. The artists represented are from different generations and varied levels of professional recognition. However, their highly experimental undertaking is what binds them together. This program represents an important and highly specialized archive of Cuban video-creation.

Yainet Rodriguez Rodriguez is a researcher, cultural liaison, and curator. She works at present as a main specialist at the Cuba-Europe Cultural Relations Interpretation Center, with the Office of the Historian of Havana (OHC).

Co-sponsored by the New Mexico Humanities Council, Instituto Cervantes, and UNM Cinematic Arts Department.

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